Reporting Encryption

Reporting Encryption feature enables Merchants to use PGP keys for encrypting report files which are generated by the Paydock reporting engine and delivered via various channels, namely, SFTP, email, and link.

As an encryption algorithm, PGP has been chosen as a standard for email security. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is an encryption system for sending encrypted emails and encrypting sensitive files.

PGP uses both symmetric encryption and public-key encryption, it allows users who have never met to send encrypted messages to each other without exchanging private encryption keys.

How to set up a PGP key:

  1. Generate PGP public and private keys with a tool similar to PGP Tool - Online PGP Key Generator Encryption Decryption Tool
  2. Go to Paydock DashboardServices → Add New page
  3. Select Encryption Services from the Service Group dropdown.
  4. Click Activate next to the PGP service.
  5. Fill in the following details:
    1. Label - a custom name for your PGP service
    2. Public key - the generated public key
    3. Go to Charges and proceed with the report setup as described here.
    4. Click Download Report > Request report from the drop-down menu.
    5. Fill in the report settings and for
    6. Processing Type - choose Encrypted from the dropdown
    7. and the Encryption service label from the new dropdown.
  6. Press Confirm.
  7. Receive an encrypted report file to the chosen destination and download it.
  8. Decrypt the report, for example, with this tool → 'Decrypt (+Verify)' option using the private key.
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