SFTP Service

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a network protocol for securely accessing, transferring and managing large files and sensitive data over the web. SFTP transfers via the Secure Shell (SSH) connection and encrypts commands and data, preventing passwords and sensitive content from open transmission over the network. You can create file storage services for internal and external report sending.

To connect the SFTP service:

  1. Go to Services > Add New. Filter by Service Group and search by name.
  2. Activate the Internal or External SFTP version.
  3. Name the Service under Label.
  4. Press Connect.

To add an account for SFTP service:

  1. Go to Services > Connected Services. Filter by Service Group and search by name.
  2. Internal
    1. Choose Actions > Manage Accounts > Create New.
    2. Populate the Name and Public Key (insert ssh-rsa + enter + public key) 
    3. Press Add.

  1. External
    1. Choose Actions > Verify.
    2. Populate Host, Port, Username (from the created SFTP account), Remote directory, Private Key, and PassPhrase from your provider.
    3. Press Verify.

To request a Charge report to an SFTP destination, go here.

Note: For Sandbox envoironment: You can use 'PuTTy Keygen' for Public and Private Key Generators and Files.com for External SFTP file management.

Host name detail for internal SFTP:

Host Location according to your environment:

Sandbox - sftp-sandbox.paydock.com

Production - sftp.paydock.com

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