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Subscription payments occur when customers authorise a merchant to charge them for goods or services on a scheduled basis. As opposed to one-time purchases, recurring payments require merchants to securely store additional customer information for future charges. Automated payments simplify the billing process, maximising revenue, securing cash flow, and fostering long-term customer relationships.

To add a new Subscription, which will automatically add a new Customer:

  1. Go to Subscriptions > Add new.
  2. Complete the Customer's Personal Information, Address, Payment Information and Payment Details.
  3. Choose the Interval, Frequency, Start and End Date, and Retry.
  4. Select Add Subscription.


To add a Subscription from Customers, go here. 

Here are the Subscriptions' key parameters:

  • Interval -  the period between Charge reattempts (daily, weekly, monthly or annually).
  • Frequency - the number of Charge reattempts for the set Interval (e.g. a Charge every 5 days equals Interval to 'days' and Frequency to '5').
  • Start Date - the date of the first Charge, in UTC format
  • End - the date of the last Charge, in UTC format
    • End never –  process Charges until manual termination.
    • End date – process Charges until a specified date. 
    • End amount reached or exceeded - process Charges until a certain financial threshold has been reached or exceeded.
    • End amount not to exceed - process Charges before a certain financial threshold has been reached. The remainder of the Charges will not be processed if there's a 'gap'.
    • Total Transactions - process Charges until a specified number of payments have been collected.
    • Total amount equals - process Charges until a specified amount of payments have been collected. The remainder of the Charges will be processed at the last Transaction if there's a shortfall.

Note: By default, the first Charge on the Subscription is scheduled for 11:30 AM UTC on the current day. If you create a Subscription earlier, the Charge will happen at this particular time, so do not worry if you do not see an immediate payment. If a Subscription is created after 11:30 AM UTC, the Charge will be made immediately.

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