Add Subscriptions from Customers

To add a Subscription for a Customer directly from their Customer record:

  1. Go to Customers > View All > Actions > Add Subscription for the specified Customer.  You can use the filter option or browse the list.
  2. Complete the Amount, Currency and other details.
  3. Choose the Interval, Frequency, Start and End Date, and Retry.
  4. Select Add Subscription.

Note: The Frequency and Retry interval control how frequently to reattempt the Charge in case of failure. The Number of Retries controls the maximum number of attempts to capture this Charge.


  1. Go to Customers > View All > Actions > View Details for the specified Customer. You can use the filter option or browse the list.
  2. Scroll down and click on Create Subscription.
  3. Complete the Amount, Currency and other details.
  4. Choose the Interval, Frequency, Start and End Date, and Retry.
  5. Select Add Subscription.

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