How to enable Async response from Accertify


  1. Login to the Paydock Dashboard
  2. Connect Accertify as a fraud service in any mode
  3. Flypay Gateway service ID available


  1. Go to The services page
  2. Navigate to the ‘Fraud Services’ Service group:

  3. From the list, find your Accertify Service using the service name and click on the Actions button on the right
  4. Click on ‘Get link’. A popup will appear if you are setting up the Webhook for the first time
  5. Copy both the Accertify Webhook link and Access token and paste this into a notepad
  6. In the webhook link, replace the token header parameter at the end with the Access token provided in the box above. Note: Service ID and Access token will differ in the actual webhook link
  7. This webhook link can now be shared with Accertify side to be configured at their end. Once configured, Async responses for In Review Fraud requests will start working.
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