View Brand Charge Reports details

To view a Charge report's details:

  1. Go to Transactions > Reports > Actions > View Details for the specified report.

Here are the Report's Details:
  • Report ID - the requested report's ID.
  • Status - the requested report's status (Completed, Active, Cancelled Manually).
  • Report Details - the requested report's settings.
  • Report Statistics - the number of generated reports.
  • Applied Filters - the requested report's filters (Archived, Labels, Select, VIew_mode).

To view the access logs of the generated reports:

  1. Generated Reports > Actions > Access Logs for the specified report. You can use the filter option or browse the list.

Here are the Access Logs' details:
  • Type - the type of access (Endpoint response, File server).
  • Initiatory User Details - the report requestor's details (User ID, Email, Full Name).
  • Link expires at - the report link's expiration time and date in UTC.
  • Link created at - the report link's creation time and date in UTC.
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