Add new Company

Company / Merchants are people or businesses that sell goods or services to customers and other businesses. As a Brand, you can create multiple Company accounts and monitor, control and review their activity from the dashboard. Log in as a Company for a more granular view of their payment behaviour. Activate or deactivate subsidiaries with one click.

To create a new Company:

  1. Go to Merchants > Create New.
  2. Fill in the Name, Email, and Merchant Reference.
  3. Click Create Merchant.

Please note: The Merchant Reference field can be filled out in alphanumeric format with 64 characters long. The field is optional by default, therefore it is still possible to create a Company without Merchant reference.

The creation of a Company is also possible through the API request where the merchant_reference field can be added to the request body:

curl --location -g --request POST '{{url}}/v1/scope/brand/companies' \

--header 'x-access-token: {{xaccesstoken}}' \

--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

--data-raw '{

"email": "",

"name": "Wanda company", 

"merchant_reference ":  "string "


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