Add new Fraud Check

Fraud management is identifying and preventing potential fraudulent actions toward a business or its customers. Fraud checks review transaction activities, users, and accounts to evade fraudulent behaviour. You can gather fraud data without triggering a payment transaction. Then, based on the check results, decide on the demand and time of adding a charge.

  1. Go to Charges > Add New.
  2. Under the Select Payment type’ drop-down list, select Fraud Check.
  3. Complete the Customer’s Personal Information, Address, and Payment Details.
  4. Under Payment Information, choose Accertify for Service Name and insert Vault Token.
  5. Under Custom Fraud Data, you have the option to insert browser fraud data obtained from the browserDetails variable.**
  6. Click Create.

**Custom Fraud Data example

Note: Fraud Check is only available for Accertify and works with Vault Tokens.

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