Add new Custom Templates

The options for viewing charges and transactions in the dashboard or CSV files are default charge, default txns (=Transactions), or custom templates. A custom template allows the integration of selected pre-defined fields and filters on the charges/transactions page. 

To add a Custom Template with specific filtering parameters:

  1. Go to Charges > View Mode > Settings in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Fields by checking the Display in the Charges page or Display in the CSV export. It’s optional to change Label names.
  3. Hover over a field and drag up or down to change the order in the template.
  4. Insert the Template Name.
  5. Click Save as a New Template.

Here are the functions for managing custom templates:

  • Field name - predefined Charges or Txns name fields.
  • Label - a custom title for the Field Name.
  • Display in the Charges page -  add up to 8 fields to the Charges or Txns page.
  • Display in the CSV export  - add an unlimited number of fields to the report in CSV format.

  • Delete - remove the template.
  • Apply current filters - save the applied search filters to the template.
  • Template name - the name of the new template.
  • Save as a new template - save the changes in a new template with a new name.
  • Update - edit the template.

Note: The difference between the Reference and Description fields:

  • Reference field - enter a Customer, Subscription, or Transfer ID related to your internal references to find the corresponding record in your payments ecosystem.
  • Description field - enter Subscription or Transfer description notes for later reference.
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