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Payment refund is the process of transferring funds from your company account back to the customer. The funds will be returned to the payment method the payer used in the goods/service purchase. Refunds are either linked to charge ID or processed as standalone refunds. We recommend associating the refund with its original charge, thus providing visibility to the Issuing Bank and the card schemes. Refunds could be fully or partially refunded. A full refund equals 100% of the amount. A partial refund equals an amount up to the net. Multiple refunds are allowed up to the full net amount has been reached.

To process a Refund for an existing Charge:

  1. Go to Charges > View Mode > Actions > Refund Request for the specified Authorisation. You can use the filter option or browse the list.
  2. Enter the amount you would like to refund. It can be either equal to or less than the original amount.
  3. Click Refund.

To add a new standalone Refund:

  1. Go to Charges > Add New.
  2. Under the Select Payment type drop-down list, select Refund only.
  3. Complete the Customer’s Personal Information, Address, Payment Details and Payment Information.
  4. Under Additional Information, you can choose Fraud Charge ID or 3DS Charge ID and provide the respective IDs.
  5. Click Create Refund.

Note: If a Direct Debit Charge was processed and is in status  r equested, you will need to wait for the status to change to c omplete (meaning the money has cleared from the Customer's bank account) to r efund it. Alternatively, contact the bank directly so that they cancel the Transaction on their side. Direct Debit Transactions can only be cancelled by the bank once requested.
Note: You can only refund transactions with a credit or debit card. For Direct Debit Transactions, manage r efunds from the Gateway account.
Note : Every Service has a set of  required fields.  If you miss one of them, the Charge will not be created. Please check  here  what fields are mandatory to fill in to prevent it.
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