Add new Authorisation

Payment Authorisation is a process which guarantees evidence that the customer’s account is valid and offers enough funds to cover the transaction. Card authorisation specifically involves contacting the payment system and blocking the required funds against the credit card. But more than that, the process is a security measure providing card issuers and businesses with a systematic way to screen for potential fraud before it becomes a successful transaction.

To add a new Authorisation:

  1. Go to Charges > Add New.
  2. Under the Select Payment type’ drop-down list, select Pre-Auth.
  3. Complete the Customer’s Personal Information, Address, Payment Details and Payment Information.
  4. Under Additional Information, you can choose Fraud Charge ID or 3DS Charge ID and provide the respective IDs.
  5. Click Create Authorisation.

Note: Every Service has a set of required fields. If you miss one of them, the Authorisation will not be created. Please check here what fields are mandatory to fill in to prevent it

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