View Related Charge or Subscription to Notifications

To review the Charge or Subscription related to the particular Notification:

  1. Go to Notifications> History > Actions > Related Item for the specified Notification. You can use the filter option or browse the list.

Note: (only for Failed) You can sort all Failed notifications by Parent ID by clicking the Show List By Parent button. 

Here are the Notification's key parameters: 

  • Notification Event ID - the Event ID of the Notification.
  • Parent ID - the Parent ID of the Notification. For re-sent Notifications, it will show the ID of the Initial Notification. For an Initial Notification, the value will be blank.
  • Notification ID - the ID of the Notification.
  • Created - the time and date of creation of the Notification.
  • Event - the name of the Event (e.g. Transaction Success or Subscription Failed).
  • Type - the type of Notification (Email, SMS or Webhook).
  • Status - the status of the Notification (e.g. Success or Failure).
  • Response status - the status of the network response (e.g. OK or 404).
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