Custom Retry Failed Subscription

To configure a custom retry cadence for individual failed Charges or Subscription plans: 

  1. Go to Subscriptions > View All > Actions > View details for the specified Subscription. You can use the filter option or browse the list.
  2. Under the Retry section, choose Custom from the dropdown list.
  3. Set the Frequency, Number of retries, Retry intervaland Failed status.
  4. Click Update Subscription.

Note: The Frequency and Retry interval control how frequently the Charge will be reattempted, while the Number of Retries controls the maximum number of attempts to capture the Charge.


To add a new Subscription with Custom Retry, go here.

Please note: The retry attempts will not be processed in case the subscription charge was declined with a hard decline reason - the subscription will get 'Failed' status immediately and further payments will be held until the subscription is reactivated.

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