Login Account troubleshooting

The obstruction to logging into the account could steam from different yet simple-to-overcome reasons. Before contacting the support team, here are some immediate troubleshooting steps you can perform:

  1. Check the login credentials are correct. The system provides 5 attempts before lockout during the login process. 
  2. Login from an incognito browsing window.
  3. Clear cache and cookies from the browser.
  4. Log in from a different browser.
  5. Check the URL address. The correct Domain is: 
    1. Sandbox account https://app-sandbox.paydock.com/
    2. Production account https://app.paydock.com/
  6. Check your access permissions - Users, Roles, Whitelisted IPs.
  7. Reset your passwordTo do so without the Dashboard, go here.
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