Add new Transfers

Transfer payments are one-way payments for which no goods or services are exchanged. Transfers enable money flow from your connected payment service to one or multiple customers' bank accounts, such as donations and cash gifts. There are two pre-conditions for using this split payments feature in your account - activating the Zepto Service, and adding a Payment Destination to the recipient Customer(s).

To add a new Transfer:

  1. Go to Transfers > Add new.
  2. Under Transfer Service, choose Zepto.
  3. Scroll down to connected Customers and click on Activate. You can use the search section. 
  4. Fill in Description, Reference, Amount and Currency.
  5. You can add more Customers with different amounts. You can also remove them by clicking on the Remove payout minus sign.
  6. Click Add.
  7. A request to confirm the action appears:
    1. Click Yes - process the Transfer immediately.
    2. Click No -  save the Transfer for a later date.

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