Update Payment Source expiry date from Customers

To update the expiry date of a Payment Source directly from the Customer's record:

  1. Go to Customers > View All > Actions > Edit for the specified Customer. You can use the filter option or browse the list.
  2. Scroll down to Payment Sources > Actions > Edit for the specified Source.
  3. Insert new Expiration month, year and CVV.
  4. Click on Update Expiry.


To update the expiry date of a Payment Source from Subscriptions, go here.

Note: An error while updating a credit or debit card’s expiry date is most likely related to the security settings of the Gateway or the Acquirer. As a PCI-DSS compliant Service provider, we cannot store the CVV numbers. In many cases, a card's CVV must be submitted along with the new card expiry date to update it. We recommend creating a new Customer record in this instance.

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