My Billing

Billing details can be viewed and updated from the Profile Menu. Go to the top corner of the dashboard’s left-hand side. Click on your name to expand the list of options.

To add or update your Company’s billing information:

  1. Go to Profile menu > My Billing > Payment Details.
  2. Update details for a Credit card or Bank account.
  3. Click Submit card (for the credit card) or Submit (for the bank account).

Note: Issuing Company’s invoices/billing via the Company’s email address is unavailable. Please, refer to the Audit section for an alternative to this functionality.                                                                               

  To review your Company billing plans: 

  1. Go to Profile menu > My Billing > Plan.

The Available Plans display all available plans in your account. 

The Account Statistics display the statistics for each plan:

  • Recurring Transactions- the number of successful or failed recurring Transactions.
  • One-Off Transactions - the number of successful or failed one-off Transactions.
  • SMS Statistics - the number of sent SMS Notifications for the unpaid plan or total plan Subscriptions (not related to Notifications).
  • Total - the number of Subscriptions and Total, Failed or Unpaid Transactions.
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