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  • Add a new Payment Source

    To update your Customers' preferred payment source, simply follow these steps: Log into your Paydock Production or Sandbox account; Navigate to Customers from the menu on the left; Find and click on

  • Vault-as-Payment Source

    Paydock's vault allows you to create payment sources on the Paydock side, without any relation to a gateway being used through Paydock. This makes it easier for you to use this token with different

  • Standalone Fraud Check

    With Paydock, you can now send a fraud transaction separately from the sale transaction. This feature makes it possible to gather fraud data and make a fraud check without triggering a sale

  • Fee Profiles

    Fee Profiles within the Master Merchant Platform are used to define a set of fees you will charge the Sub Merchant for using your services. Once you have created a Fee Profile, you can link these to

  • Vault

    The Paydock Vault is where Merchants store Customer credit card and other sensitive payment information. As Paydock is a PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant Service Provider, we provide the highest level of

  • Shared Groups

    The Master Merchant facility allows Master Merchants and sub-merchants to access and use shared resources, namely vault tokens and customer profiles. Vault tokens are used for collecting your

  • Associate customer payment sources with payment tokens

    By using Paydock Vault Tokens to store the customer's card or bank account details, you can securely re-charge these payment methods in the future. Paydock's API suite provides the ability to

  • How to update expiry date

    There are several options to edit the expiry date: from the Subscriptions, Customers and Vault pages. Subscriptions Go to Subscriptions; Find the subscription you need; Go to Actions > View Details;

  • Standalone 3DS Check

    Paydock works with a third party, GPayments, to allow you to send a 3DS transaction separately from the sale transaction for any PSPs that can process the 3DS2 flow. GPayments supports 3DS for

  • Audit

    The Audit tool allows you to view and extract details of all actions performed across all your connected payment services and all your team members. This feature is only available for the

  • How to close a Paydock account

    If you decide to stop using Paydock services, you can choose either of these options: Unsubscribe from Paydock from the Dashboard; Contact our Support team so that we can deactivate your account from

  • Download detailed reports

    You can download important data about your Customers, Charges, and Subscriptions list by clicking the relevant button under "Download" in the upper right corner of your dashboard. You can filter the

  • User Role Permission

    Roles Overview Paydock provides five account permission levels, or roles, allowing you to allocate access to your account based on the user's needs and authority level. This allows you to restrict

  • Payment Sources

    Payment Sources are the tools by which a Customer is charged in the Paydock ecosystem. Merchants can attach one or several Payment Sources to each Customer. Payment sources allow you to combine a