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  • How to add a new payment source to a customer in PayDock

    Go to Customers; Find and click on your Customer; In 'Payment Sources', click on 'Create Payment Source'; In the pop-up window, choose the necessary option: Credit Card, Bank Account or Vault Token;

  • Vault

    The PayDock Vault is where Merchants store Customer credit card and other sensitive payment information. As PayDock is a PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant Service Provider, we provide the highest level of

  • Migrate customer payment sources using PayDock

    By using PayDock Vault Tokens to store customer's card (i.e credit card number, expiry date..) or bank account details, PayDock customers can manage their business and relationships with payment

  • How to update expiry date

    There are several options to edit the expiry date: from the Subscriptions, Customers and Vault pages. Subscriptions Go to Subscriptions; Find the subscription you need; Go to Actions > View Details;

  • Audit

    The Audit tool is a page that shows all the actions made within the company across all your connected payment services and all your team members. The Audit tool is only available for the

  • Payment Sources

    Payment Sources are, as their name suggests, the mechanism by which a Customer is charged in the PayDock ecosystem. It is likely that shortly after creating a Customer, you (the Merchant) will attach

  • How to close a PayDock account

    If you decided to stop using PayDock services, you can choose either of these options: Unsubscribe from PayDock in the dashboard; Contact our support team so that we could deactivate your account

  • User Role Permission

    Roles Overview There are four permission levels: Admin Manager Customer Service Reporting Each permission level has been designed to assist you with the management of your payment ecosystem and

  • How to download customers, charges, subscriptions list

    You can download your customers, charges, subscriptions list by clicking a button in the "Download" selection in the upper right corner. Click "Just this Page" to download a single page with the list

  • Smart Routing

    What is it? The Smart Routing functionality allows you to automate your payment flow within PayDock. You can set up rules within the dashboard, that send payments to specific gateways based on the