Subscription reactivation

If the subscription has failed, you can always reactivate it.

How does the reactivation work?

Let's say, a customer has scheduled payments for the 5th of every month. The payment was made successfully in February, but then failed in March. You are reaching to the customer on the 1st of June to update their payment details and reactivate their subscription. By that time the customer has 3 payments missed (March, April, May) and one upcoming (June). So once you click Reactivate, the system will make an attempt to make 3 skipped charges.

After that, the customer will be charged on the 5th of June, and the subscription schedule continues in its normal schedule.

How do I reactivate the subscription?

  1. Go to Subscriptions;
  2. Find the subscription in question;
  3. Click Actions > Reactivate.

Note: We recommend that you get in touch with your customer beforehand and notify them that the skipped payments will be charged after the subscription is reactivated. If they don't want that, you can simply create a new subscription.

Note: If you reactivate a subscription in the 'held' status, the skipped held charges will not be reprocessed. The transaction is not created and not sent to the gateway for such charges. They are just created according to the subscription schedule and are kept in the logs. 

The other way to do it is to change the subscription Start date. To do so, please go:

  1. Go to Subscriptions and find the required subscription;
  2. Click Actions > View details;
  3. Within the Schedule section, edit the Start date field. You can set it to today or to a certain day in the future when you would like the subscription to start over.

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