What is the difference between subscriptions statuses 'Canceled' and 'Failed'?

A canceled subscription is not active any longer. It is still visible and accessible within the PayDock system. It keeps all the details and can be reactivated or set to complete if needed. In this article, you can read how to change a subscription status. You can delete the subscription running the API request mentioned here.

If a subscription has the status Failed, it means that the system has tried to charge the customer as many times as it is specified in your Company settings, and all the attempts failed. The status Failed is assigned to the subscription automatically if the above mentioned condition is met. If you need, you can Reactivate the subscription by going to Subscriptions > choose the subscription in question > Actions > Reactivate. More details can be found in this article.

Please note that if you reactivate the subscription, it will charge the customer for all the scheduled times that were skipped due to the failed charge attempts. It is recommended to check with the customer if their credit card has enough funds on it before reactivating the subscription.

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