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Add Authorize.Net to your payments ecosystem

To connect Authorize.Net to PayDock, you will need to register for a merchant account, completing Authorize.Net's Sign Up Process.

Step 1: Gather your credentials from Authorize.Net

  1. Login into the Authorize.Net Sandbox or Production Merchant dashboard
  2. Gather your API Login ID and Transaction Key. 
    1. Navigate to “Account”, then click on “Settings”
    2. Under “Security Settings”, click “API Login ID and Transaction Key”
    3. On this page, gather your “API Login ID”
    4. To gather your “Transaction Key”, continue down the page to “Create New Key(s)”
    5. Enter the Secret Answer to your Secret Question, and select “New Transaction Key” before clicking on the “Submit” button
    6. Your Authorize.Net Transaction Key will appear on the next page

Step 2: Connect Authorize.Net to your PayDock Account

  1. Log into your PayDock Production or Sandbox account.
  2. Navigate to "Services" from the menu on the left
  3. Click on the "Add New" tab from the top of the page
  4. Navigate to or search "Authorize.Net" and click on the "Activate" button
  5. Complete the field descriptions to connect. Field descriptions are as follows:
    1. Label – this is for your reference only. In PayDock, you are able to add multiple instances of a payment gateway or method. This can be helpful for tracking campaigns or income streams.
    2. API Login ID – this is your Authorize.Net API Login ID.
    3. Transaction Key – this is your Authorize.Net Transaction Key.
    4. Environment Mode – this describes whether you are connecting to the Authorize.Net Production or Sandbox Environment. Production is used for processing real transactions. Sandbox is used for testing purposes. Please ensure you’re using the correct credentials for the type of environment required.

Click Connect. You have successfully connected Authorize.Net to PayDock.

Helpful Information

We’ve provided some test card data from the official Authorize.Net documentation. Please bear in mind this may change and is here for convenience. If you are not getting expected responses please contact Authorize.Net or refer to the official documentation.

The following test credit card numbers will work in the sandbox. The expiration date must be set to the present date or later. The sandbox will accept any valid 3 or 4 digit number for the card Code. Test card numbers will not work with a production account.

Card Number

Card Type

3088000000000017 JCB
38000000000006 Diners Club/ Carte Blanche
5424000000000015 MasterCard
4007000000027 or 4012888818888 Visa Test Card

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