User Role Permission

Roles Overview

Paydock provides five account permission levels, or roles, allowing you to allocate access to your account based on the user's needs and authority level. This allows you to restrict access to sensitive data and ensure your team has the right authority level to perform certain actions on your Paydock account. The roles and functions they have access to are:

  1. Reporting
  2. Admin
  3. Customer Service
  4. Manager
  5. Custom Role
Type of Action Admin Manager Customer Service Reporting
Access Tokens All

Analysis All
Authentication All Get, Delete Get, Delete Get, Delete
Bulletins All
Charges All Create, Refund, Capture Refund Search, Get
Charges Refund All Get-status Get-status
Companies All
Company Payment Sources All
Company Counters All
Customers All Modify, Search, Get Modify, Search, Get Search, Get
Customers payment sources All Search, Modify Create
Customers Payment Destinations All Modify
Data All
Echo All
Files All
Hosted Pages All
Hosted Pages Templates All
Hosted Pages Files All
Notifications All Search, Get, Create
Notification Logs All Search, Get, Resend, Delete
Notification Templates All Search, Get, Modify, Create, Delete
Notification Template Variables All Get
Licenses All Create
License Transactions All
Payment Sources External Checkout All
Payment Sources Tokens All
Payment Sources Vault All Create, Search, Delete, Get
Products All
Remote action configs All
Remote action configs token All
Requests All
Roles All
Routes All
Rules All
Rule settings All
Settings All
Services (Gateways) All Search, Get, Create, Modify
Statistics All
Subscriptions All Search, Create, Get
TFA All Sign-in, Accept, Create, Pause, Activate, Delete, Search Sign-in, Accept, Create, Pause, Activate, Delete, Search Sign-in, Accept, Create, Pause, Activate, Delete, Search
Transfers All
Users All Self-get, Self-modify, Self-modify-email, Self-modify-password Self-get, Self-modify, Self-modify-email, Self-modify-password Self-get, Self-modify, Self-modify-email, Self-modify-password
Vault token All Update
Version All
Webhook All


This is a full access permission which has no restrictions on capabilities. This is normally reserved for the business owner or an administrator of your platform. The login used to create the account is granted admin permission by default.


Designed for finance and sales team members. The objective is to provide full control of transactions – but without admin permissions. This role includes the ability to create charges, subscriptions and notifications and also issue refunds.

Customer Service

Designed for your customer support team and provides the ability to edit existing customer information, view existing transactions and perform refunds.


Designed for bookkeeper or sales staff and provides the ability to view payments and customer information as well as downloading reports.

Custom Roles

It is possible to create your own unique User role. Please follow these steps to create any custom role for your Users:

  1. Log into your Paydock Production or Sandbox account.
  2. Click on the drop-down menu from the left sidebar and go to Company Users > Roles.
  3. Fill out the Role title and and press the Permissions button to set up permissions for a new user.

  4. You will see the Company Permissions page. Here you will need to set up permissions at the Company account level. Once everything is set, please click on the Save button. 
  5. Once saved, please click on the Add New Role button.

Success! A new role can be assigned to a user. Please refer to these instructions.

Please note: You may also edit the default roles (Customer service, Manager, Reporting) while creating a new one. To do this, please click on Actions > Edit next to the default role and press the Permissions button. Once the permissions are updated, click on the Save button.

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