Migrate customer payment sources using PayDock

By using PayDock Vault Tokens to store customer's card (i.e credit card number, expiry date..) or bank account details, PayDock customers can manage their business and relationships with payment service providers efficiently. 

Core Principles

  1. A Payment Source contains the Gateway_id and card or bank account details/vault_token.
  2. Vault Tokens are not necessarily associated with a Customer or Gateway.
  3. Customers can have Payment Sources created and attached. (These may/may not be generated from by a Vault Token i.e. PayPal ID or where Vault is not enabled)
  4. Vault Tokens can be used to create or update Payment Sources for Customers.
  5. The PayDock API will enable new Payment Sources to be created from Vault Tokens targeting the preferred service. 

Request Flow

Following is one possible example of how to use the PayDock API to migrate customer payment sources.

  1. Get targeted Customer list with desired parameters.  (For example, "gateway_id".)
  2. Retrieve the list of Vault Tokens associated.
  3. Generate a new payment source for your targeted Customers referencing their Payment Source Vault Token. A simple API POST to /v1/customer/{id} example is
             "gateway_id": "1234567890"

    This will generate a new payment source, targeting the selected service.

Important Notes:

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