How to set up notifications

Core Principals

  1. Event - when something happens with your customer. An example is when there is a "Transaction Failure"
  2. Templates - you can make an "Email/Sms/Webhook" to send to your customers when an Event occurs
  3. Notification - is created when you have an Event connected to a Template.

What do the realtime payments notifications mean?

What you can do

You can configure your Notifications, and decide which Template you want to send off on which Event

Under the Notifications Tab

  1. You can see your current events here
  2. Click Actions > Test (to test your notifications happening). 
  3. Click Actions > Remove (to remove a notification) 

Under the History Tab:

  1. Go here to see what notifications have been sent in the past 
  2. Sort by type, date, Event, status
  3. You can resend a Notification
  4. Download your past Notifications as a csv file

Under the Templates Tab:

  1. Add an SMS or EMAIL Template here 
  2. Completely customize an EMAIL Template via our "Template designer" or "Raw Html"
  3. Edit existing Templates simply, go to Actions > Edit 
  4. Delete a template , go to Actions > Edit > Remove
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