Add SecurePay to your payments ecosystem

To connect SecurePay to Paydock, you need to have a SecurePay merchant account, which you can obtain by completing their Sign Up Process

Step 1: Look up your SecurePay credentials

  1. Login to the SecurePay Sandbox or Production dashboard;
  2. Find the Merchant ID and Transaction Password for your account;
  3. To navigate directly to your Transaction Password, click on either of these Sandbox or Production links.

Step 2: Connect SecurePay to your Paydock Account

  1. Log into your Paydock Production or Sandbox account;
  2. Navigate to Services from the menu on the left;
  3. Click on the Add New tab from the top of the page;
  4. Navigate to or search SecurePay and click on the Activate button;
  5. Complete the required fields to connect:
    1. Label - Specify the name by which you will recognize this service later. This is just for your reference. In Paydock, you can add multiple instances of a service, which can be helpful for tracking campaigns or income streams.
    2. Merchant - This is your SecurePay Merchant ID.
    3. Password - This is your SecurePay Transaction Password.
    4. Select Environment Mode - This describes whether you are connecting to a SecurePay Production or Sandbox Environment. Production is used for processing real transactions. Sandbox is used for testing purposes. Please ensure you’re using the correct credentials for the type of environment you're using.
  6. Click Connect. You have successfully connected SecurePay to Paydock!

If you would like to connect this service via API, please use this guide.

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