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Add Westpac Pay Way to your payments ecosystem

To connect Pay Way to PayDock, you will need to register for a merchant account with Pay Way. If you want to get a test account, complete  the Sandbox Sign Up Process. Once you are ready to integrate Pay Way to your live system, you will need to contact their representative via the phone number listed here.

Step 1: Gather your credentials from Pay Way

  1. Login into the Pay Way Merchant dashboard
  2. Gather your Merchant ID, Publishable API Key and Secret API Key
  3. Scroll down and navigate to “REST API” to expand the menu
  4. Click on “REST API Keys” from the drop down menu
  5. You can select which key to view by selecting the appropriate radio buttons and clicking on the “view” button. From here you can gather your Pay Way Secret API Key and Pay Way Publishable API Key
  6. Once you have gathered the API Key you want. Click on “Administration” to gather your Merchant ID
  7. To gather your Pay Way Merchant ID, click on “Merchants” from the drop down menu. On this page, you will be able to see and gather your Pay Way Merchant ID

Step 2: Connect Pay Way to your PayDock Account

  1. Log into your PayDock Production or Sandbox account.
  2. Navigate to "Services" from the menu on the left
  3. Click on the "Add New" tab from the top of the page
  4. Navigate to or search "Pay Way" and click on the "Activate" button
  5. Complete the field descriptions to connect. Field descriptions are as follows:
  6. Label – this is for your reference only. In PayDock, you are able to add multiple instances of a payment gateway or method. This can be helpful for tracking campaigns or income streams
  7. Merchant – this is your Pay Way Merchant ID
  8. Secret Key – this is your Pay Way Secret Key
  9. Publishable Key – this is your Pay Way Publishable Key
  10. Environment Mode – this describes whether you are connecting to a Pay Way Production or Sandbox Environment. Production is used for processing real transactions. Sandbox is used for testing purposes. Please ensure you’re using the correct credentials for the type of environment required
  11. Click Connect. You have successfully connected Pay Way to PayDock 

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