Core Reporting Feature

In this article you will find out how to use the charges report feature and send the created reports to the required email address or using the SFTP service.

How to send reports to the required destinations

  1. Log into your Paydock Production or Sandbox account.
  2. Go to the Charges section.
  3. Select the created template based on which the report will be created. To create a new template, please refer to this guide.

  4. Once the template is applied, you can request the report by pressing on the Download Report > Request Report.

  5. On the next page you will need to set up the Report Template which will be used:

    1. Label - this is the name of the report.
    2. Type - you may choose a one-time or recurring report sending.
    3. Channel - you may choose whether to send it via email or SFTP. Here you need to put in the email address or choose the SFTP destination from the drop-down. To add a new SFTP service, please use this guide.
    4. Schedule - set up a date when the report should be sent for one-time reports. Or set up a schedule for recurring reports (select the start date, interval and frequency).
    5. File Name - you can select how the report file will be named with the available fields. From the dropdown, you can choose between Source, Type, Version, Date, Date to, Date from, Iteration, UUID, Object ID.
  6. Once everything is set, click on the Confirm button.

From the Reports section, you can see the already created reports and their details.

By clicking on the Actions > View Details, you can see the statistics and details of the report, and the already generated report(s).In order to stop the recurring report, please click on the Actions > Stop recurring report.

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