Retry settings for failed payments on subscriptions


  1. In the PayDock dashboard, go to the Profile menu -> My Company;
  2. Scroll down to the section Set Retry Parameters In Failure Case For Subscription;
  3. Set the parameters according to your needs:
    • Subscription retry count - How many times customer's card is retried after failing;
    • Subscription retry interval (hours) - How many hours in between retries;
  4. Click 'Update Details'.



If the settings are:

Subscription retry count - 5 

Subscription retry interval - 48

The result:

This means that the customer's payment source is being retried once in every 48 hours for 5 times (therefore, over the course of 10 days). If after the 5th attempt, the payment source still fails, the customer's subscription will be cancelled and a notification will be sent.

What happens if failed payments exceed the retry count?

Your customer's subscription will be suspended. The status of the subscriptions automatically changes to Failed. No further payments will be taken from this customer in the future.

Can I reactivate the subscription?

Yes, surely you can. 

  1. Go to Subscriptions;
  2. Find the subscription in question;
  3. Click 'Actions' > Reactivate.

Important note: We do not recommend reactivating the subscriptions, that failed a long time ago. Once the subscription is reactivated, the system will make an attempt to make all skipped charges. Please get in touch with your customer first. Or, you can simply create a new subscription.

Will PayDock continue the normal subscription schedule, even if a certain payment fails?

Yes. Let's say a customer has scheduled payments on the 1st, 14th and 28th. The payment on the 1st fails multiple times and is only successful on the 16th. On the 16th, PayDock will not only try the payment that was originally due on the 1st, but also try and take a "belated" payment for the scheduled payment date of the 14th. The customer would have two payments on that day.

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