Download detailed reports

You can download important data about your Customers, Charges, and Subscriptions list by clicking the relevant button under "Download" in the upper right corner of your dashboard.

You can filter the list before you download it based on a number of criteria, and then you can download either a single page with 10, 25, 50 or 100 rows, or you can download all filtered items. 

In Vault

You can filter by Email, Card Name, Account Name, Last 4 digits of the credit card, Payment Source Type, or Expiry month and year.

In Customers

You can filter by Name (partial and full match), Full email (full match), Reference (full match), Company Name (full match), or Payment Service (full match).

In Subscriptions

You can filter by Customer Name, Subscription ID, Customer ID, or Payment Service.

In Charges 

You can filter by First and Last Name, Email, Reference, External ID, Charge ID, Date range, Payment Service, Vault Token, Transaction Type, Status, Amount, Last 4 digits of the card, Customer ID, or Subscription ID.

In Transfers

You can filter by Description.

In Notifications

You can filter by Date Range, Event (e.g. Transaction Success, Refund Failed), Type (e.g. Webhook or SMS), Status (e.g. Success or Failure), Parent ID, Relation ID (e.g. Subscription ID, Charge ID or Transaction ID)

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