Change Subscription frequency

You can change the frequency of a Subscription either through the dashboard or via the API. It's also recommended to understand the principles and terminology for Subscriptions, which are listed here.

To change the frequency from within your dashboard, follow these

  1. Go to Subscriptions;
  2. Find the subscription in question;
  3. Click Actions > View Details;
  4. Make the required changes in Schedule  > Frequency;
  5. Click Update Subscription.

And when using the API, create a simple POST /v1/subscriptions/{_id} with the specific subscription_id parameter as shown below:

            "frequency": 3 // every 3 intervals
            "end_transactions": 4 // end after 4 intervals

The API will accept data on only one of the end parameters. For example:

  • "end_date": null,
  • "end_amount_after": null,
  • "end_amount_before": null,
  • "end_amount_total": null,
  • "end_transactions": 4

You can leave unused parameters out of your request.

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