How to add a subscription

There are several ways to create a subscription:

  1. Add the subscription for the existing customer;
  2. Create the customer along with the subscription;
  3. Add a subscription from the Charges section.

Using the Interface

Way 1:

  1. Go to Subscriptions;
  2. Choose Add new tab;
  3. Fill in customer details, schedule and payment information
  4. Click Add Subscription.

Way 2:

  1. Go to Customers;
  2. Click on Actions next to the customer in question;
  3. Choose Add Subscription;
  4. Fill in the subscription details;
  5. Click Add Subscription.

Way 3:

  1. Go to Charges;
  2. Click on Add new;
  3. Choose Subscription in the Select Payment Type dropdown;
  4. Fill in customer details, schedule and payment information;
  5. Click Create Subscription.


Using the API


  1. A simple POST /v1/subscriptions
               "amount": "10.00",
               "currency": "AUD",
               "reference": "Custom user reference",
               "description": "Custom user description",
               "customer": {
                   "first_name": "Test_first_name",
                   "last_name": "Test_last_name",
                   "email": "",
                   "reference": "CustomReference",
                   "payment_source": {
                       "address_line1": "Testline1",
                       "address_line2": "Testline2",
                       "address_city": "Testcity",
                       "address_state": "Teststate",
                       "address_country": "AU",
                       "address_postcode": "1234",
                       "gateway_id": "55925037556cc23c1ed3773e",
                       "card_name": "Test User",
                       "card_number": "4200000000000000",
                       "expire_month": "01",
                       "expire_year": "17",
                       "card_ccv": "123"
               "schedule": {
                 "frequency": "1",
                 "interval": "day", 
                 "start_date": "2015-07-20",
                 "end_date": "2016-07-25T07:35:11Z"


A more detailed overview of the subscription feature can be found in this video:

Note: By default, the first charge on the subscription is scheduled for 11:30 AM UTC of the current day. If you create a subscription earlier, the charge will happen at this particular time, so do not worry if you do not see an immediate payment. If a subscription is created after 11:30 AM UTC, the charge will be made right away. 

If you want the charge to occur at a specific time, you can mention it in the "start_date" when creating a subscription through the API.

Note: If you want your subscription to fire up on the last day of the month, the following line should be added to your company settings:

"assessment_follow_end_month": true

Contact our support team to enable this feature.

Follow the core principles below to set up the subscription according to the customer's needs.

Core Principles

  1. Interval -  this means how often you would like your customer's subscription to be charged: per day, week, month or year. 
  2. Frequency - Determines the frequency of charges depending on the Interval you choose previously. For example, if you want to charge every 5 days, set Interval to "days" and Frequency to "5". If you want it every month, set Interval to "Month" and Frequency to "1".
  3. Start Date - Choose when you'd like the schedule to start and the first charge to be made. 
  4. End - Determines how and when your customer's subscription will end. 
    1. End never –  keep running until manually removed
    2. End date – keep running up until the specified date which you can specify in a new window. 
    3. End amount reached or exceeded - keep running until a certain threshold has been reached or exceeded (a new window will pop up here for you to determine this threshold)
    4. End amount not to exceed - keep running but will not exceed your specified limit (a new window will pop up here for you to determine the total amount). If there's a 'gap' the remainder will not be processed.
    5. Total transactions - keep running until X number of payments have been collected within the Subscription (a new window will pop up here for you to determine the transaction amount)
    6. Total amount equals -keep running up until at least the specified total amount is collected (a new window will pop up here for you to determine the total amount). If there's a 'gap' the remainder will be processed at the last transaction.
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