Master Merchant Account Roles Permissions

Roles Overview

Paydock provides 2 groups of permissions for Brand users: Permission by Resources and Permissions by Pages. This allows you to allocate access to your account based on the user's needs and authority level. You can also restrict access to sensitive data and ensure your team has the right authority level to perform certain actions on your Paydock account. 

User roles


This is a full access permission which has no restrictions on capabilities. This is normally reserved for the business owner or an administrator of your platform. The login used to create the account is granted Admin permission by default. Additionally, the created Admin Users will be able to create other Admin Users and activate or deactivate them (except the Master Merchant admin that was created initially with the account).

Custom Roles

It is possible to create your own unique User role. Please follow these steps to create any custom role for your Users:

  1. Log into your Paydock Production or Sandbox account.
  2. Click on the drop-down menu from the left sidebar and go to Brand Users > Roles.
  3. Fill out the Role title and and press the Permissions button to set up permissions for a new user.

  4. First, you will see the Brand Permissions page. Here you can set up permissions at the Brand (Master Merchant) account level. Please check the Login as a Company box to allow the user to login to the Merchant accounts from the Master Merchant (Brand) account. Once all is set, press Next.

    You can check the set of permissions for a particular section by pressing the "+" sign:

  5. The next page is the Company Permissions. Here you will need to set up permissions at the Company (Merchant) account level. Once everything is set, please click on the Save button. 

  6. Once saved, please click on the Add New Role button.

To assign a new role to a user, please refer to these instructions.

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