Create a new charge

From the PayDock Dashboard

  1. Go to Charges.
  2. Choose the Add new tab.
  3. Select the payment type from the drop-down list; 
  4. Fill in the details of the charge*;
  5. Click Create Charge.

Every service (gateway) has a set of required fields. If you miss one of them, the charge will not be created. To prevent it, please check here what fields are mandatory to fill in.

Note: If you want to keep the customers' details, create a Customer first and add a charge after that: How to add a new customer?

If you would like to create a charge for an existing customer, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Customers;
  2. Click on the customer in question;
  3. Scroll down to Recent Charges and click Create Charge;
  4. Fill in the details;
  5. Click Add charge.

From the PayDock API

Make a POST /v1/charges request passing in required parameters.


Create a charge with Stripe subaccounts

Stripe subaccounts help route payments between businesses, customers, and recipients by creating and updating accounts with Stripe and storing information inside Paydock for any future payments.

If you wish to create a charge with the Stripe subaccount you have previously connected through Paydock, please use the steps below. If you do not already have a previously connected Stripe subaccount, please complete the steps in this article first.

  1. Navigate to Charges from the menu on the left;
  2. Choose the Add new tab;
  3. Select the Stripe payment type from the drop-down list in Payment Service;
  4. Choose the Stripe subaccount in Stripe Destination Account ID and Stripe Destination Account Label drop-down lists;
  5. Enter the required amount to the Stripe Destination Amount field;

  6. Fill in other details of the charge;

  7. Click Create Charge.


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