Standalone 3DS Check

Paydock works with a third party, GPayments, to allow you to send a 3DS transaction separately from the sale transaction for any PSPs that can process the 3DS2 flow. GPayments supports 3DS for transactions via Visa, Mastercard, UPI, Amex, Diners, and Eftpos. 

Please note that the 3DS standalone charges can be made using the GPayments and can not be created using a vault token (via the API).

How to create a standalone 3DS charge

  1. Create a Vault token using this API request.
  2. Run a standalone 3DS API request with the previously created vault token.
  3. After initializing the 3DS charge via this API endpoint, you get a token used to initialize the Canvas3DS. You can find the Canvas3DS code example for standalone 3DS charges here.
  4. Run the code with your token.

Done! The standalone 3DS charge has been created successfully. You will be able to check it in the list of the existing charges. 

Note: "pre_authenticated" is an expected successful status for this charge type.

How to create a new financial charge with a 3DS charge

Once a standalone 3DS transaction is created, it is possible to connect it to a new financial charge. In order to connect a 3DS transaction to a new charge, you can follow these steps:

  1. Collect the 3DS charge ID. To find the required ID, please go to Charges, click on Actions near the 3DS charge in question > View Logs.
  2. Once the 3DS charge ID is copied, create a new charge as described in this guide.
  3. Fill in the 3DS charge ID field in the Additional Information section with the copied ID during the charge creation.
  4. Press the Create Charge button.

Done! The 3DS charge is now included in the financial charge details. The initial 3DS charge will remain intact but cannot be used again.

Note: When creating a financial charge, please make sure you are using the same vault token that was used for the 3DS charge creation. In any other case, you can get a validation error after clicking on the Create Charge button

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