How to use the card scanner

Wasting valuable time entering credit card details in the Paydock widget? Now, Paydock has the solution - Your customers can now use our card scanner. This enables them to use their IOS mobile devices to scan the following card details:  Card Number, Card expiry date and Cardholder name.

Please find the steps on how to use our card scanner below:  

  1. Click on the Credit Card Number field to display a phone keyboard.
  2. Find the Scan Credit Card button that displays above the phone keyboard.
  3. Position your phone in a landscape orientation to scan a picture of the credit card. The credit card needs to fall within the shown rectangle so the scanner can capture the credit card information.
  4. Success! Your credit card details have been scanned successfully. You can find all the scanned data in the Expiry and Credit Card Number fields.

Note: The scan tag is available in the Paydock widget starting from version v1.10.15-beta. Also, the feature does not currently exist in Chrome for iOS devices, you should be using the Safari browser for scanning your credit card.

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