Vault-as-Payment Source

Paydock has now added the ability to create payment sources without any relation to a particular gateway. This enables you to create a vault-token payment source on the Paydock side only. 

As you will not pass a gateway_id when creating a payment source, the customer will not be created at the gateway. These new changes have an impact on our Charges, Customers and Subscriptions.

All available functions are presented below.


If you wish to add a new customer first, you can follow the instructions here

The possibilities available for the Customer with the brand new Vault-as-Payment source feature are described below:

  • You are able to create a customer with a payment source which consists of card or bank account details, or a vault token, and without any gateway.
  •  You can add a payment source to a customer which consists of card or bank account details, or a vault token only.
  • You can update an expiration date of a payment source without a gateway ID.


Our vault-token payment source makes it easy to create charges from the customer side only. By making a charge with a default customer’s payment source, you can specify any of the connected gateways without being tied to a particular gateway. You are also able to use the same customer billing details against multiple payment service providers. 

More information on how to create charges can be found using this link.


You can also create Subscriptions using a customer with a vault payment source. Just like with charges from a customer, you are able to create a subscription with any gateway by just one click!

To find out how to add a subscription, please click here.

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