Chart management

Paydock has made it easier to keep track of your payment details. Now, you are able to see your data in the form of charts. 

Our Charts display all the payment activities that take place within your account. For example, you can see all charges that have been processed within a certain time period. Moreover, the chart filters enable you to review the statistics of your transactions more conveniently. 

These features are available in the Dashboard section of your Paydock Production or Sandbox account.

Let's take a closer look at each diagram separately...

Payment Activity

This chart allows you to track the monthly statistics of your transactions over the past year in real-time. It is also possible to filter these charges by the currency the charges were paid in. 

You are also able to view an average transaction, total income and the total number of transactions on this chart.


This chart displays the number of charges made for a specified period of time. Charges in the following statuses can be displayed in the chart: Complete, Failed, In Review, Not Authenticated, Pre-Authenticated, Pre-Authentication Pending, Refunded. To view charges in a particular status, click on the status in question below the chart.

By default, the chart shows all charges for the last seven days. If this appears to have no data, it means there have been no charges made within this period. To view statistics for another time period, you can select a different data range in the filters. If you wish to create charges instead, you can follow the instructions here.

There are several filters available in the Charges chart:

  • Data Range - allows filtering your charges for a certain time period. The maximum range is 1 month which applies to any date in the past, provided that the Time filter is set to ‘Day’, and 3 days if the Time filter is set to ‘Hour’
  • Payment Service Name - allows filtering your charges based on the name of the connected payment service (gateway).
  • Payment Service Type - allows filtering your charges based on the type of the connected payment service (gateway).
  • Time - allows splitting your chart into daily or hourly time frames. The maximum range for the hour filter is 3 days which applies to any date in the past. The maximum range for the monthly chart is 1 month.
  • Currency - allows filtering your charges by the currency used for making them.

You can filter specific data by clicking on the Select Filter dropdown button. In the pop-up window (that looks like the image below), you can combine several filters to view the statistics you are interested in:

Note: If the daylight saving day is included in the range of the chosen dates, you may see an extra/missing hour (depending on whether this is a switch to or from the summer time). The charges statistics for this hour is not lost, it is just moved to the preceding/coming day because of the difference in time zones. The statistics are calculated against the UTC time and not the local time.


This diagram shows a block line per status of the subscriptions created in your Paydock account. There are several types of statuses: Active, Held, Completed, Canceled, Failed. You can choose to display subscriptions in one or several statuses by clicking on the status(es) below the graph. 

The instructions on how to add a subscription can be found here

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