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Add EMS to your payments ecosystem

To connect to the gateway, you should apply for a merchant account with EMS. You can apply for a test account here. To obtain a live merchant account, you should first contact their support team and go through the onboarding process.

Step 1: Gather your credentials from EMS

Gather your credentials from EMS. Along with your API key and username, you will also need certificate files in PEM format and a certificate passphrase from EMS.

Step 2: Connect EMS to your Paydock Account

  1. Log into your Paydock Production or Sandbox account;
  2. Navigate to Services from the menu on the left;
  3. Click on the Add New tab from the top of the page;
  4. Navigate to, or search, EMS and click on the Activate button;
  5. Complete the field descriptions to connect. Field descriptions are as follows:

    a. Label – this is for your reference only. In Paydock, you are able to add multiple instances of a payment gateway or method. This can be helpful for tracking campaigns or income streams.
    b. Private Key - this is a Client Certificate Private Key stored in a key file having the naming scheme WSstoreID._.userID.key. You will need to open this file (with Notepad on Windows and TextEdit on MacOS) and copy the whole code block including the tags -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- and -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----.
    c. Username - this is your EMS API username which consists of Store ID and User ID provided in the format: WSstoreID._.userID.
    d. Password - this is your EMS API password required for the basic authentication.
    e. Certificate - this is a Client Certificate PEM File stored in a PEM file having the naming scheme WSstoreID._.userID.pem. You will need to open this file (with Notepad on Windows and TextEdit on MacOS) and copy the whole code block including the tags -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE-----.
    f. Select Environment Mode – this describes whether you are connecting to the EMS Production or Sandbox Environment. Production is used for processing real transactions. Sandbox is used for testing purposes. Please ensure you’re using the correct credentials for the type of environment required.
    g. Certificate Passphrase - this is a Client Certificate Private Key Password. This password protects the private key of the client certificate and is needed to access the private key file.
  6. Click Connect. You have successfully connected EMS to Paydock!

If you would like to create a gateway via API, feel free to use this guide.

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