Whitelist IPs

Whitelist IP address overview

Another security feature of your Paydock account is the ability to limit access to specific IP addresses, further reducing any risk of unauthorised access to your account. Only permitted IP addresses that have been Whitelisted will be granted access to your Dashboard, even if they have the correct password. It's important to note that this feature may be unhelpful if your company relies on Virtual Private Networks or other internet access which provides varying IP locations.

The option to whitelist IP addresses is available in the Profile Menu > Company > Security:

Enter the IP address and choose the number of bits that will be checked in this IP address. Every part of the IP address separated by the dot equals 8 bits. For instance, if you have a network with a range of IP addresses but all of them start with the same numbers before the first dot, you can whitelist them all by choosing 8 bits. One example is shown below:

You can add an unlimited number of IP addresses by clicking the  + sign or remove an IP address from the whitelist by clicking the - sign

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