Creating Your Own Brand

The fully white-label capable Master Merchant platform enables you to set your own branding that will correspond to your company's style.

To edit your style settings, go to your Master Merchant dashboard, expand the Profile menu, and choose My Brand. The page is divided into two tabs: View Settings and Upload Brand Images. The former deals mostly with the text (content) and colour, while the latter is about images.

View Settings

Main Settings

The first tab,  View Settings, allows you to set up company-specific information for the following items in the Main Settings block:

  • Website title - the title of your website as shown in the browser tab
  • Brand name - your company name shown within the dashboard
  • Support email - the email address where your sub-merchants will submit support enquiries
  • Accountant email - the email address from where your sub-merchants will receive invoices
  • Sign-in page slogan - the text that will be shown on the sign-in page when logging into the account
  • Sign-up page slogan - the text that will be shown on the sign-up page when registering an account
  • Contacts - a link to your company website or email address from which your sub-merchants can request a new account
  • Copyright (brand legal name) - the name of your company shown in the lower right corner


You can also edit the colours of the following items in the Style block:

  • Button colour - the colour of all buttons (except for grey ones) and checkboxes in the dashboard (yellow, in this case)
  • Sidebar logo background colour - the colour of the logo background in the upper left corner of the sub-merchant dashboard (yellow, in this case)
  • Logo underline colour (sign-in page) - the colour of the line which lies below the logo on the sign-in page (yellow, in this case)
  • Link colour - the colour of links to pages, tabs, etc., in the dashboard (grey, in this case)
  • Hover link colour - the colour of links to active pages, tabs, etc., in the dashboard and when hovered over (blue, in this case)
  • Support links colour - the colour of your support links in the lower left corner (yellow, in this case)

Support Links

This block enables you to add relevant support links and specify their name and URL. The links you add will be available in the lower left corner of the menu, like on the screenshot above.

Upload Brand Images

This tab provides the functionality to upload images for:

  • Logo - the logo image on the "Sign-In", "Sign-Up", and "Forgot Password" pages
  • White logo - the logo image shown above the Profile Menu on the left
  • Favicon - the browser tab icon
  • Background image - background image on the "Sign-In", "Sign-Up", and "Forgot Password" pages
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