Sharing Resources from Master Merchant account

Shared Resources

The Master Merchant facility allows Master Merchant and Sub Merchants to access and use shared resources, namely vault tokens. You can read more about our PCI-DSS compliant vault storage here. To put it briefly, you can collect your client's billing details and keep them safe in the form of vault tokens.

Shared vault tokens are a convenient and secure way of storing billing details when they are needed for various purposes. For instance, when all of your Sub Merchants belong to the same company but are located in different branches to deal with customer's payments. The customer can make a payment with “Branch A” and their card details will be stored in your vault. Subsequently, if “Branch B” needs to access the same billing details of the customer for facilitating another payment, “Branch B” employees can access the vault, find the necessary vault token and use it for another transaction, instead of contacting the customer again to find out their billing details. 

How it works at Paydock

Master Merchant can create and manage a group of Sub Merchants who will have access to a particular entity and a vault token in this case. You may grant 'read' and/or 'execute' privileges to the group of Sub Merchants. Based on these privileges, they will be able to search and get a vault token by ID and/or use the vault token for certain actions respectively, for example, make a charge, create a customer, add a new payment source for the customer, etc. You decide what privileges the group will have and, consequently, what actions they will be able to perform. Sub Merchants can be included in several groups with different privileges.

To create a shared group, go to Shared Groups in the Profile menu.

On the page that appears, follow these steps:

  1. Specify your group label to distinguish it among others.
  2. Global Entity is represented only by Vault now.
  3. Check the required privilege(s):
    a. Read - this means the Sub Merchant can only view vault tokens without using them.
    b. Execute - this means the Sub Merchant can use vault tokens to create a payment source for the customer, create charges, subscriptions, etc.
  4. Choose a company either by name or ID.
  5. To add another company, click + next to the company fields.
  6. Once done, click Submit.

From the second tab Manage Group, you can edit or remove the group:

First of all, you should choose the group in question from the dropdown. Then you can change its label, add ('+') or delete companies ('-'), select and unselect privileges.

To remove the group, click the grey Remove Group button on the right side of the page. 

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