Introduction to Paydock Master Merchant

At Paydock, we have always aimed at making the management of payments as easy as possible. Now we have gone further and created a platform that helps you manage not only your payments but also your partners' and clients' payments as well.

Master Merchant Platform and available features

The Master Merchant Platform is a fully-branded white-label payments platform for you and your subsidiaries, with access to all Paydock features. With this platform, you, as a Master Merchant, can create multiple Sub Merchants' accounts and monitor their activity from your dashboard. It allows you to control, manage, and review everything that is going on with your Sub Merchants' payments.
It helps you to prevent fraud and increase security by assigning Risk Profiles to your Sub Merchants.

The Master Merchant Platform provides deeply transparent reporting and reconciliation across group-wide processing data. You can review your Sub Merchants' transactions (Transactions) and check which of your team members performed a particular action (Audit).

If you need a white-label solution with your own branding accessible via the custom domain, we can also offer that. From the My Brand page, it is possible to set styles and upload a logo, a favicon, background images specific to your brand.

There are also additional features available for your usage. The platform can be configured to meet your needs and bring you the utmost convenience as a result of using our services.

A more detailed overview of the Master Merchant Platform can be found in this video:

If you are interested in the Master Merchant facility and would like to learn how you can benefit from it, do not hesitate to contact our support team at

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