Widget FAQs

Q1. How can I change the default view and alignment of fields, titles, labels, placeholders, submit buttons?

A1. Use the method .setElementStyle(element, [state], styles) to style a particular element or .setStyles(fields) to style the whole form.

Q2. How to change the text font and color?

A2. The .setTexts method enables you to do that.

Q3. How to add logos (icons) of supported cards? 

A3. Use the method .setSupportedCardIcons.

Q4. How can I mark the element or field as required?

A4. Add asterisk (*) after the element or field name using the methods .setFormElements or .setFormFields respectively.

Q5. How to change the width and height of the widget?

A5. You can set the height and width parameters for the iFrame through CSS or use the method .useAutoResize to adjust the size of your widget automatically.

Q6. How to edit the content of the pop-up page next to CVV (for the Checkout widget)? 

A6. At the moment, we do not have a possibility to update the pop-up page.

Q7. How to change the text of the submit button or other fields?

A7. You can do it using the .setTexts method. 

Q8. How can I set custom form field labels, values, placeholders?

A8. The methods .setFormElements, .setFormLabels, .setFormValues, .setFormPlaceholders can help you with that.

Q9. The widget form does not work correctly when I wrap it up in another iFrame. Is this configuration supported?

A9. For security measures, the iFrame always sends events to the parent page (your main website) which means embedding the widget into a separate iFrame is currently not possible. Still, you can always contact us and describe the use case so that we can come up with a custom solution for you.

Q10. Does the widget have the card auto-fill in the ‘Card number’ field?

A10. Our widget supports the card auto-fill option for the ‘Card number’ field provided that the browser is allowed to store card details. In this case, the card number can be auto-filled in the widget if it was saved previously in the browser.

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