Change a Subscription status

To change the status of a Subscription within your Paydock dashboard, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Subscriptions.
  2. Click Actions next to the subscription in question.
  3. Choose View Details.
  4. Click change to in the upper right corner.
  5. Set the necessary status.
  6. Confirm your actions.


Several different statuses are available for Paydock Subscriptions. They are described in more detail below.

Active means that the subscription was created successfully and is active on the Customer's account. This status is set automatically once you create a subscription. You can also set it manually if the previous status was Failed, Complete, Canceled, or Held, and the subscription will be re-activated.

Cancelled status is manually applied by the Paydock account holder when the Subscription has been cancelled. Here are a few examples of when you may need to use this status:

  1. Your client asks to cancel an active subscription even though not all payments were made.
  2. The subscription failed initially because of incorrect payment details. Instead of retrying to reactivate the subscription with the new details, you decide to mark it as canceled.

Failed is set if the subscription is unsuccessfully retried more times than it is defined in your settings. You can find more details on retry settings in this article.

Held status means that the subscription is paused and will only resume upon your re-activation. When the subscription has such status, records on charges are still created. However, they are not processed. Once you set the subscription back to active, these charges will not be reattempted.

Complete status means that the subscription has ended. It will automatically change to this status once the required amount or number of transactions have been collected or the end date has been reached. For instance:

  1. You put the subscription on hold, then you decided that you had enough payments from the customer, so you can just end the subscription choosing the status Complete.
  2. The subscription was put into Canceled by mistake.

It is possible to change your current status to any status in the list above (except for Failed). You can see if the changes were made manually or automatically. The comment will say, for example, 'Last status change: manual' as can be seen below:

You can switch between the statuses through the Paydock API as well. You can use the API call 'Update subscription details' for this purpose.

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