Notifications History

Paydock has made it easier for you to check your notification history. You can review all previously sent notifications by clicking on Notifications > History.

See Details

If you want to find out more details about a particular notification, you can click Actions > See Details.

Let's take a closer look at each parameter separately...


  • Notification Event ID - this parameter is the ID of your notification event, like Transaction Success or Subscription Failed.
  • Parent ID - displays the Parent ID of your notification. If you tried to resend the notification, it will have the ID of the initial notification.  If this is an original notification, i.e. it was not resent, the value will be empty.
  • Notification ID - displays the ID of the particular notification.
  • Created - displays the time and date of when the notification was created.


  • Event - displays the name of the Event (Transaction Success or Subscription Failed).
  • Type - displays the notification type (Email, SMS or Webhook).
  • Status - displays the status of the notification (Success or Failure).
  • Response status - displays the exact response status (OK, 404).

In order to sort all notifications by Parent ID, you can click the Show List By Parent button. Please keep in mind that this button can only be found on failed notifications.

Related Item

To review the Charge or Subscription related to the particular notification, you can click on Actions > Related Item.


If you would like to resend a notification, select the specified notification in the History section and click Actions > Resend.


If you would like to remove any notifications from the Notifications History section, you can click on Actions > Remove.

Note: Deleted Notifications will disappear from the History list and are unrecoverable.

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