Paydock boasts one of the most sophisticated recurring payments engines out there, all 'under the hood'.

We recognise that much of today's businesses require highly-automated, highly-flexible recurring payment engines to drive their growth without consuming their margin through excessive admin overhead.

Subscriptions are tightly bound to the Customer object. It is not possible to have a Subscription without a Customer who owns this Subscription. Because we offer a full one-off payment workflow service for Merchants (routing, one-click etc) as well as a recurring service, we provide richer value to our Merchants than other platforms by providing a 'single source' of payments truth to enable better visibility of true Customer behaviour and richer ability for Merchants to audit activity within their payments ecosystem.

Some of the parameters available within the Subscription engine include:

  • Payment interval (gap between payments)
  • Payment frequency ('every X intervals')
  • Retry settings (how to handle failed payments - hard or soft)
  • Subscription termination settings (date, amount, number payments etc)

This along with our other configurable settings enables Merchants to 'fire and forget' letting our engine take care of the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

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