Services are the service providers inside Paydock that our Merchants are seeking to use via Paydock. These include payment gateways, transfer services and other important payment products to increase a Merchant's payments ROI. Largely the Services are processing endpoints through which Merchants seek to transact with their Customers.

Paydock is unique in that we are 'transparent', meaning that inline with our mission of enabling rapid and convenient access to (and management of) desired service providers Paydock expects Merchants to form direct relationships with Services. Where the Merchant does not yet have a relationship with the Vendor (normally the case) we do provide 'rapid onboarding' workflows supported by Paydock for a number of our partners.

Clicking the "Services" tab in the dashboard will reveal the services available to Merchants. 

Wonder how to connect a particular Service? Want to see the whole list with the supported features?
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