The Paydock Vault is where Merchants store Customer credit card and other sensitive payment information.

As Paydock is a PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant Service Provider, we provide the highest level of security available to Merchants and enable them to de-scope their IT systems without losing control of customer data. 

It is important to realise Vaulted payment information does not necessarily relate to Customers and/or Payment Sources (though it can). It is possible to use Paydock simply to store secure information and tokenise it 'downstream' with connected, compliant Services.

However, Payment Sources can have a Vault Token attached to enable the effective updating of expiry dates and improved reporting, without creating rework in the Customer or Subscription objects. This process could be described as 'converting' a Vault Token into a Payment Source.

It is also possible to 'direct charge' a Vault Token by nominating the Vault Token ID, target Service and a few other properties. This is a simple way of creating a Charge if the Merchant does not wish to create a Customer.

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