Payment Sources

Payment Sources are, as their name suggests, the mechanism by which a Customer is charged in the Paydock ecosystem. It is likely that shortly after creating a Customer, you (the Merchant) will attach one or more Payment Sources to the Customer.

This is not to be confused with a resource stored in the Paydock Vault. 

Payment Sources will always be related to a downstream service provider, and are commonly created by combining a Paydock Vault Token with a downstream Service. For example Customer A + Credit Card A + Vendor A = Payment Source.

By storing sensitive payment data in the Vault, separate from the specific 'point-in-time' Payment Source, we enable future-proofed interoperability for Merchants who need to work with a number of Services/Payment Gateways.

These Payment Sources can be formed from:

  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal Accounts
  • Bank Account Details
  • Buy-Now-Pay-Later Wallet IDs
  • Any other payment mechanism 

This also enables Merchants to have 'back up' payment methods available.

It is possible to assign a 'default' payment source to a Customer. This enables the Merchant to dynamically update the Customer's Payment Sources without having to also update Subscriptions. It also enables to Merchant to create workflows whereby the Customer is charged, rather than having to nominate both the Customer and a particular Payment Source (though this can be done). This reduces effort and enables more agility across the payment solution.

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